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James Madison Table Tennis

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Mission & History
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The JMU TT Mission:

Our Mission

The JMU Table Tennis club is designed to accomidate players of all skill levels by providing a fun yet competitive atmosphere for the sport of Table Tennis.  Membership is open to all University students, and practices are open to the public as well.

Our History

Althougth the NCTTA was established in 1993, the Virginia Division of the NCTTA was not created until 2002-2003.  In the first three seasons, Virginia Tech was the reigning champion before sharing the division championship with UVA in the '05-'06 Season.  The James Madison Table Tennis Club has been in existance for as many years as its division. 
Historically JMU was a mid-to-front player in the Virginia Division.  While UVA and Tech dominated, JMU battled with VCU, Radford, and Liberty for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th spot.
However, the '06-'07 season has seen JMU replace UVA as the #2 Team in the division, with a second place result at the Tech tourny and the UVA tourny.  Those results sent JMU to the National Championship in Ohio State.
The 2007-2008 season has already been an exciting time for JMUTT. We have come in second place at both the Virginia Tech and James Madison tournament. This locks in a place at this years national tournament which will occur in Minnesota.
Rankings History:
Fall 2006 JMU was Ranked by NCTTA #35
Spring 2007 JMU was ranked by NCTTA #30
Fall 2007 JMU was ranked by NCTTA #18

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