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Check this site for continuous updates about the happenings of JMU Table Tennis and its various activities.

nationals was held at Ohio State. The JMU Club Table Tennis team placed 20th. which is not bad for not having their 2nd seed available to play. The JMU A team consisted of (by seeds)
#1: Roy Mace
#2: Erik Nerrie
#3: Mike Stevens
#4: Danny Pyun
All 4 players did pretty well considering they were competing against the top players in the country. job well done guys!
ACUI singles: Roy Mace placed top 28 at nationals in singles. It's the farthest any player at JMU has ever gone for singles.

Update, December 6, 2007:
JMU has been contacted by Killerspin, one of the nations leading table tennis companies about sponsorship.  This is a great step up for the team and will help increase the level of play.
Update, September 23, 2007:
NCTTA release over the 2007 summer ranks JMU #30 in the nation for College Table Tennis.  Congratulations to JMUTT for achieving a level never raised to before at this school.
Update, March 13th, 2007:
A recent NCTTA release on March 5th ranked JMU #30 in the nation for College Table Tennis.  Congratulations to the team for all of the hard work and improvement this season.
Although there are no meets coming up for the rest of the year, 4 of JMU's finest will attend Nationals in Ohio State competiting in the team and singles events.
Update, February 24th, 2007:
Ratingscentral has posted the results from the JMU match and now the EMU tournament.  Using those I've updated the charts and added a new one in the RATINGS page.  More information for the chart at the bottom will follow once NCTTA updates their site.  Ratings are also accurately refelcted in the PLAYERS CORNER page.
Congratulations to JMU's Roy Mace, the ACUI Region 5 Singles Table Tennis Champion, defeating players from Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  He will represent JMU in singles at the National Level in March at Ohio State.  Congratulations also goes out to JMU's Erik Nerrie, who will represent JMU in singles as well.
Update, February 11th, 2007:
Results have been posted for the JMU tournament in the ACTIVITIES page.  Complete results and ratings updates for the EMU tournament and the NCTTA JMU tournament will come in the following weeks when ratingscentral posts them.  The chart will also be updated in the RATINGS section.

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